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Cormor - Ippovia

A red flower in a green countryside :: Iso 100 _ f/8 _ 1/320 _ 180mm

Last week we went cycling along a path called “Ippovia“. At noon many people hided away from the sun in the shadow of the greenest trees. I took a couple of shoots. I like this the most. It’s by no means original. I’ve seen many pictures like this one around. After all it’s not what it is, it’s how we see it. I was happy that I saw it. I felt it. You should have seen that field. So quiet but full of happiness. Sun can burn things in August. But in June it just gives life to the crops in the countryside near my hometown. And that red flower. He stood up. He clearly wanted to be seen. The only red flower in an endless field of greens.


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