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Helsinki Cathedral

Love signs in the snow in front of Helsinki Cathedral :: Iso 100 _ f/2.8 _ 1/4″ _ 35mm

A ferry in Helsinki

A ferry passing by in Helsinki :: Iso 80 _ f/3.2 _ 0.5 _ 70mm

Working for a Finnish company took me many times to Finland in the last six years. I’ve been mainly visiting the Vaasa area, which I found familiar as it looked to me close to the Ontario area where I stayed in my University years (I covered the similarities – actually based on some real facts, as I found out with some internet searching – in this other post). I’ve being flying through Helsinki lots of times and I had a couple of quick meetings too, but this time was different. I had two great guides (thank you Heidi and Mauro) who gave me a fast and effective introduction to the nicest spots in town. I was stunned by the colors of the evening sky, all of them impossible in southern europe, going from a stylish gray to a light dark purple, but sometimes bluish too. The quiteness; the graceful silence that surrounded me near the Cathedral; the surreal look of a smoking funnel of a ferry pretending to be just another house among the landscape of historical buildings. Something to remember!


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